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Here’s what customers are already saying about ReplyTap

  • Cyril Jeet Gupta

    "I can't stress enough the importance of strong customer support. For my own business, support is the anchor which makes sure the customer comes back again and again. Have seen nothing else do video calls on demand. Replytap is really beyond anything else available right now."

    Abhi Dwivedi

    "We've been using live chat on all our sales pages and have closed thousands in sales with it. Replytap is possibly the last product suite you'll need for customer retention and on spot sales. Highly recommended."

    Saurabh Bhatnagar

    "My customers are so happy now since I have installed Replytap for all our support needs. The audio calling & video calling feature is simply outstanding! A gentle goodbye to all my previous support softwares, thanks to Replytap."

It's time you face the cold hard truth about
customer acquisition & retention

Your Visitors Are CONFUSED!!!

It’s true! You probably don’t even know the landmines your business treads along every day. When a prospective client comes along your website, they go through what you have to offer. They see what you can do, they see what they can get.

But before they decide…

they want to be sure that you can offer everything they need.

Now you have listed what you can offer, but the visitor has some questions of their own… they get confused, and since there is no one to diffuse their doubts,

they do what you dread the most… they leave!

and move onto a rival product of yours that they can understand better.

If only you could reach out to them and hold them back… it’s not your fault. You addressed all the issue you thought a visitor can encounter, but you’re not a mind reader-but if you step into their shoes, you’ll know how confusing it can be…

Picture this...

once you feel all your questions have been answered, you go ahead and pick the laptop of your choice… because you weighed the pros and cons, tried and tested it, and decided it was what you needed… and believe you me, you only think you make that choice yourself… you don’t. You ask the salesperson what he thinks, because he would know… and your decision mostly rests on what he says…

Think about it, you do it everywhere…

At the restaurant you ask the waiter for his recommendation…
At the garage, you ask for the mechanic’s advice
At your kid’s school, you ask the teacher to review your ward…
Hell you even did it when you bought your engagement ring…

So how come you don’t expect your prospective clients to discuss their concerns with you
when they come to make an investment on their business?

OF COURSE they want to know what you think, and what you would recommend…

The problem is that you don’t know when they come to your website, and they have no way of establishing contact with you instantly, unless they e-mail you… and you know the feeling, who wants to wait for the next 24 hours to hear back on something that’ll be provided next door easily?

They might’ve even forgotten about it by then or found an alternate, a more expensive, less useful solution… and that’s how you’re losing customers faster than the Arctic losing ice…

And if you want to stay in the business, you’ll have to step up your game and be one step ahead of your customer… because I’ll tell you a secret…

It’s not really your product that makes the closing call… yes it is a huge factor, but what really matters is how you make them feel…

“Sales are dependent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect”

Marketing isn’t the same anymore

You need to establish first contact, nurture leads, and offer them something that they need and some more… Making the best product isn’t enough…having the best sales experience and support you can offer to your prospects is everything… because it’s not just your product that sets you apart, it’ your service and customer friendly setup.

Marketers everywhere are still struggling to...

Find the right strategy to retain potential leads.

Know your clients needs better

Create a brand USP

To reach untouched heights in Customer Management & Lead Generation, you have to offer your clients something out of the box!


Your Instant Formula To Creating A
Sales Revolution On Your Website

Harvard Business School reports that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can increase profits by 25%-95%, and this is exactly what ReplyTap will help you do

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ReplyTap is your entire support suite in 1 single cloud app.

But with amazing sales generation and customer retention features you will not find anywhere else

Multipurpose Chat Widget

ReplyTap places a Chat Widget on both the crucial areas of your sales funnel where you’re more likely to lose a lead- the sales/landing pages and inside the members area. The sales landing page chat widget ensures that the visitor has a seamless browsing experience and don’t leave if they fail to find what they’re looking for. They can simply write their queries in the chat widget that assists in chatting live with the web visitor and answering their query without having to wait for a reply.

The widget in the Members’ area simplifies the process from ‘Buy Now’ to ‘Checkout’. This ever present chat assistant ensures that no lead is abandoned because, no assistance was available in the time of need.

Use these widgets for upto 1000 conversations for every site you have installed Replytap on.

Audio Calling

Prospects want instant service and they want it as fast as yesterday. That’s why instead of providing contact numbers on your websites, ReplyTap lets you make unlimited audio calls to your clients without any 3rd party interface. That means just your agent and your client, with complete confidentiality. Efficiency will always be rewarded by your clients. What will be explained in ten messages over chat may be explained in 20 seconds over a call.

Show your clients that you are the most efficient brand and they will stick by you with fierce loyalty. Interacting with customers can help you understand and settle their concerns more effectively and elevates you as their choice of brand. You build their confidence and they will build your brand.

Broadcast Messages

This is a pinnacle in the field of direct marketing. It’s a good thing to work hard, but it’s better to work smart. Save time and effort with this feature. Now you can broadcast the same message to all the web visitors in one stroke. No need to type out tedious individual messages…whether it’s a flash sale that is coming to an end, or an offer/contest that you’re announcing, just type it and broadcast upto 3000 messages every month to all your online web visitors in one simple click.

What better way to keep your customers engaged.

Video Calling

This right here is where we’ve upped our game. Up to 93% of communication is nonverbal. We’ve all heard how important body language is to a conversation. Not only can you provide instant audio calls, but now conduct upto 1000 video calls every month with your clients. Video calls help in executing better and faster assistance to your clients and help build brand credibility and efficiency.

Even the biggest names in the world markets have not yet included this feature in their engagement strategy. Be the first to start this revolution..

Co-Browsing Features

And if video calling wasn’t enough to deliver swift assistance, we’re giving the option of sharing a screen with your web visitor upto 1000 times every month. This way in case you need to explain a complicated procedure, or even if your visitor cannot perform a certain function themselves, you can just request to share screens and sort the problem out remotely.

Your tech experts can simply solve any issues faced by customers in real time. Now is there anyone who doesn’t like to sit back and watch his problems vanish.

Knowledge Base

Regardless of all the assistance you can provide over a chat, we are giving you the liberty of creating a know-how directory to your product. If your client needs to know how to perform a certain function, they can just enter the keywords and view all the listings related to their query. They can select the one most relevant, and resolve their own query in no time.

Pre-empting your customers’ issues and providing them with answers and solutions – there’s no better way to show your customers that…’You Care’.

Intro & Exit Video Templates

We at Replytap believe that the power of good communication has enough scope to overturn your business, regardless of the product.Not only are we providing you different tools to enable quality communications, but also with the aesthetics that’ll enhance the experience for your visitors. ReplyTap aims to redefine interaction with its own set of video templates that play welcome videos on the chat widget.

Just insert your video in the ready-to-use video chat templates and you are good to go.

Advanced Analytics In The Dashboard

To track your sales better and to zone in on the segments your product is popular in or needs more work in, Reply Tap comes with Advanced Analytics in the dashboard. Now get complete details about the prospects who visit your sales page. Get vital statistics about the members in your membership or shopping carts to track your popularity among segments of the audience.

Now no more guess work. Have the figures right in front of you when you make strategies for your business to reach new heights.

Hashtag Based Canned Response

Time is money and we are helping you save time, money and effort. It may happen that over time the questions you receive from the prospects may be similar. To save time on answering the same questions repeatedly, we allow you to save your canned response and retrieve them hashtags easily. This lets you address the Frequently Asked Questions faster.


There is no such thing as too much efficiency. So that your visitors remain continually impressed with your commitment to helping them, this feature allows you to see what your prospect is typing even before they hit on the "Send" button. This helps your agents to be prepared to answer instantly, thereby impressing your customer and being able to handle several at once.

Multiple Agents

Remain on top of your game by creating multiple agents for the same campaign to run the team like a ‘PRO’. Our in depth analysis gives you complete insights on the workload of your agent, thereby allowing you to allocate work to them and managing it accordingly.

Limited Period Offer!

And It’s Already Showing Results....
People LOVE It

  • Rohit Shah

    "Live Chat is a necessity for any web pages nowadays. It shows the company is willing to help and in turn companies get rewarded with high conversions,Its simple and easily outranks the competition. Well done Karthik"

    Brad Stephens

    "ReplyTap encompasses a suite of functions including chat, audio and video calling for engaging with customers. This is not only going to help me turn more prospects into sales - but make sure all my existing customers needs are met"

    Saurabh Bhatnagar

    "My customers are so happy now since I have installed Replytap for all our support needs. The audio calling & video calling feature is simply outstanding! A gentle goodbye to all my previous support softwares, thanks to Replytap."

Smart marketers are efficient, they run a lean business and they make intelligent
purchase decisions.

ReplyTap is the most intelligent business purchase you can make this year because...

for 1 price, you get what would normally cost a huge price each month with about 4 different apps. We do it all in 1 place, for 1 low lifetime price.

We tapped in on one very basic aspect of human nature. When prospects reach your page to look at what you offer, they are apprehensive. They are about to make an investment and they don’t know what to go with. EVERY CUSTOMER IS OVERWHELMED WITH THE OPTIONS THEY HAVE. If you think they will reach out to you to clarify their doubts, you’re wrong!

This is where the ball is in your court. If your prospects won’t reach out to you, you must reach out to them! Once they see you have extended a helping hand, they will be more eager to share their apprehension with you. Then it’s upto you how well you can convince your prospect to be your client.

But that first step of reaching out to them is most crucial. If you can retain their attention, then their chances of going onto a rival business are lesser. And the best part is that you don’t even have to do it personally.

In a normal scenario you don’t even know who visits your pages. You can’t keep sitting there cold mailing visitors you can’t even track. With ReplyTap, once you reach out and engage the visitor, they will interact and confide in you and you will be able to ease their minds on the options they have. And you don’t have to stay there all day to do it… your agents can do it for you!

So it pays to leverage upon the leads you’ve already built and to nurture them. While it’s new clients are always welcome, it’s important to retain the old ones too, otherwise you’d forever be scouring new clients all the time… and remember, It can cost you 5x as much to get new customers Vs. keeping old ones.

And Here's The BEST Part...

ReplyTap is the SMARTEST List Builder you will ever see… While having these conversations with your customers, ReplyTap also gathers email IDs which help your mailing…like they say, it’s all in the list!


On the Landing Page

A Chat Widget will be present on the sales/landing pages that your prospects first land on ???. They will chat live with your prospect and answer any queries they have with regards to the business solutions that you may offer them. This is the best direct marketing strategy you can invest in…the chat will literally sell your business live to your prospect, hold their hands, convince them this is the best solution for them, and gently guide them in…


Here the chat widget executes the work of eloquent business executives. It answers any query your customers may have regarding your product and will lead to a sharp decline in support tickets that can be overwhelming for any business owner. This can be used as your very own onboarding process for your customers. Yes it takes time to help people set-up everything, but the kind of trust it will help you build with your customers is...priceless!.

From their 1st visit to their first purchase, ReplyTap will give your customers a gold plated customer service experience that will stay with them and make sure they become customers for life.

Need more reasons to get ReplyTap? Here you go!

Retention Is Cheaper than Acquisition

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. More than enough people have conducted endless researches and come back with the same result: Retentions is cheaper than acquisition. But not easier at all!

Loyal Customers spell P-R-O-F-I-T

Loyalty has great ROI. They will stick around, recommend you, be more flexible to change, and their business will be your greatest brand ambassador. But don’t make the mistake of taking it for granted.

Your Brand Is Your USP

People have around 1000 marketing exposures a day, but only engage with a handful. The ones that earn engagement are the ones that manage to strike a chord with the customers.

Earn Referrals

Like we said before, your clients are your best brand ambassadors. No matter what marketing technique you employ, your opponent will already have it: online and mobile marketing, social media. No matter what you spend your money on, people will most likely be influenced by referrals more than any other marketing technique.

Engaged Customers Provide More Feedback

An honest assessment is crucial to success. Client who you’ve managed to establish a connect with will provide an honest feedback to you and will also provide you with a benefit of doubt. It’s impossible to nail excellence every single time, and while a new lead will not listen to an excuse. Your recurring customers will still give you another chance. They’re telling you how to earn their business repeatedly.

Customers Will Help You Expand Base

Once you’ve proven yourself to your customers, they’re more likely to trust you when you venture into something new. They will probably be the first beta testers and give you an honest feedback as to how to improve the product and will recommend you ahead.

Customers Will Help You Expand Base

Nobody will welcome your marketing promotions and emails like your old clients. To most people, such promotions are a nuisance, but to your old clients who you’ve been associated with for a while, it’s something new to look forward to. Most people appreciate when their brand reaches out to them and respond when a brand they’ve known promotes to them.

It’s Better For Work Efficiency

Customer retention is basically a relationship building process. Good relationships make life simpler and better for everyone. Nurtured relationships come with a feel good factor, you want to do more to the other, whether you’re the marketer or the customer. Sales are a very need-based phenomena and are short and temporary. They could be made from you, or someone else.

And the perfect platform to support all these and
make your business thrive is ReplyTap.

Even with all these powerful marketing technologies built into ReplyTap, our platform is the most cost effective solution for you. You could be shelling out a LOT of money for something like this, but you don’t have to.

You can get all this for a "tiny" one-time fee -
no monthly charges

  • Features
  • No. of Conversations
  • Number of Sites
  • No. of unique customers to support
  • Audio Chat Sessions
  • No. of Broadcast Messages
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Chat Sessions
  • Co-Browsing Sessions
  • No. of Agents
  • Video Chat Templates
  • $27
  • 500/mo No. of Conversations
  • 2 Number of Sites
  • 500/mo No. of unique customers to support
  • Unlimited Audio Chat Sessions
  • 1000/mo No. of Broadcast Messages
  • Unlimited Knowledge Base
  • 500/mo Video Chat Sessions
  • 500/mo Co-Browsing Sessions
  • 10 No. of Agents
  • 10 Video Chat Templates
  • $27
    Monthly Billing
    Buy Now
  • Best Results! MONTHLY
  • $37
  • 2000/mo No. of Conversations
  • 15 Number of Sites
  • 1500 No. of unique customers to support
  • Unlimited Audio Chat Sessions
  • 4000/mo No. of Broadcast Messages
  • Unlimited Views Knowledge Base
  • 1500/mo Video Chat Sessions
  • 1500/mo Co-Browsing Sessions
  • 10 No. of Agents
  • 10 Video Chat Templates
  • $37
    Monthly Billing
    Buy Now
  • $197
  • 1000 No. of Conversations
  • 10 Number of Sites
  • 1000 No. of unique customers to support
  • Unlimited Audio Chat Sessions
  • 3000/mo No of Products
  • Unlimited Views Knowledge Base
  • 1000/mo Video Chat Sessions
  • 1000/mo Co-Browsing Sessions
  • 5 No. of Agents
  • 5 No. of Agents
  • $197

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