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  • 2x Video Chat Templates
  • 3x Chat Templates
  • 5x Agents
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ReplyTap has changed the rules of customer engagement in the game…Nothing is ever going to be the same!!

You’re going to get more time off work than you thought and still be churning the green…

Your customers are going to be happier than ever and business is going to be booming more than it has in a long time.

ReplyTap is undoubtedly the most engaging and interactive platform for eCommerce, it is hyper
persuasive and converts visitors into buyers and rave customers in no time!!

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We realized that if this is the level of engagement a little chat widget could make, imagine the
results it would reap for you if we just bumped it up a bit…
Imagine Customer Engagement on Steroids…

This is designed to save you time, effort and stress! Just sit back and relax!

Turn Every Pain Point Into A Sale

When your customers find a direct communication portal with you, you are more likely to hear their needs and wants more than you would otherwise… which means that you can be more effective at solving their grievances, thus beating your competition hollow when it comes to serving your clients exactly what they need…

And that’s why we’ve removed all caps on your interactions with your clients…This is what ReplyTap PRO bring you.


If there’s anything worse than no leads, it’s a lead that doesn’t convert… While the Main offer of ReplyTap lets you communicate with your visitor, it’s limitation would have meant that you stop replying as soon as your limit gets over… ReplyTap Pro brings you UNLIMITED CONVERSATIONS on the chat widget that lifts the cap on the number of conversations you can have, so that you can always be there to serve your customer and your business better.


Improvements in customer satisfaction can make a huge difference in making you a success. As a company grows so must its outreach, to create a clear advantage over competitors and allow the company to stand out from the pack. There’s an old adage in customer service that “ a real person, whose smiling face a customer can see, always wins.” If that’s true, you’re winning hands down! ReplyTap Pro is lifting its cap on a 1000 video calls to giving you UNLIMITED VIDEO CALLS.


Solving a query quickly is tough work. In any industry, time is the most valuable asset. The less call-handling you do, the higher value of customer service you provide. And that’s why you get unlimited Co-Browsing. Whether you navigate on the customer’s behalf or provide demo, you’re saving your lead and customer their time and earning yourself reputation. Just setup co-browsing and watch the numbers rise! Now who doesn’t like to get their work done without lifting a finger? .


Win more, gain more. With ReplyTap you could support 10 sites or pages. But for power users like you, we have increased that number by 100%. Now get the liberty to add ReplyTap on up to 20 websites!! More websites means you have multiple products, services or even businesses that you offer. Again, you would like your customers to buy more than one of your products. This all leads to more customers and leads. We understand that and respect that. And for that reason, we are raising the limit of uniques customers you can handle with ReplyTap to 2500 per site from 1000. That means you can handle 25,000 customers using ReplyTap. Every product or service you offer would require you to use ReplyTap in 2 places. One on the sales/landing page, to help you answer lead’s queries and turn them into customers. Another one on the member’s area to help with any doubts that your customers may have. With ReplyTap, waiting for a ticket to be answered is so a thing-of-the-past.


In a very short span of time you will realize the power of direct customer engagement and see a phenomenal rise in conversions. Now higher conversions means more customers. We like to always think ahead and plan accordingly. We know that you are going to need more helping hands to handle this increase in leads and customers. You are going to be dealing with people from across the world, from different nationalities and time-zones. To take care of all these leads and customers, we are now giving you the option of using 25 agents with ReplyTap Pro.


Giving you the option of using ReplyTap on more sites, without increasing the number of templates that can be used to maintain uniqueness and avoid duplication, is just being unfair. So with ReplyTap Pro we have decided to double your templates too. Whenever you have a good enough reason to have a Video chat with your lead or customer, go right ahead and use it more freely now because we have doubled templates. We have all come across prospective customers or clients who get a little skeptical about buying things online and with so many scams being reported, who can blame them? Use the Video chat option to put your leads and customers at ease right from the start with different templates for sales/landing pages and a different one for the member’s area.

You need to go right ahead with this & create a marketing miracle that’ll take the internet by storm!

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